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For this weaving, I built a frame from four 8’ long pieces of 2x6 lumber and then used a basic Navajo loom hung inside the frame.

You can find instructions for building a Navajo loom and many others in “The Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book” by Rachel Brown (see Amazon link below).

For the weaving, I used ordinary garden jute twine for the warp threads and recycled copper wire from old electric motors for the weft.


Weaving Links

Recommended Reading

Ready-Made Loom Kits

This is one of my all-time favorite books on weaving. As a compendium of weaving knowledge, it’s hard to beat. It has diagrams and instructions for many, many different types of looms and includes plentiful information on spinning and dyeing your own threads.

Madelyn van de Hoogt‘s Weaver’s Companion is another classic guide to weaving.

If building a frame loom seems too much trouble, try one of these kits. Although they often indicate that they are for children, the kits are ideal starter looms for any beginning weaver.

These are some of my favorite web sites for weaving and fibre-art related information. If you know of a site that you think should added to this list please send me the link and I will be happy to include it in the list.

Loom Manufacturers

Some of these loom manufacturers make great small looms.


Harrisville Designs


Macomber Looms PO Box 186, York, ME 03909 207-363-2808

Norwood Looms